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2014-01-22 17:31:22
i first made 100lvl!
2014-01-22 15:32:36
i don't see what you have it, if you making video with 'gm stats'. lol. (i saw nick asteroid with character cl tare, so i know what it's you, now you are mihai in game). and why i'm noob? what i did? because i saided my notion? and my notion was not for you, so what i did wrong for you? you saided 'You are so bored in life and u make there drama', so who first started this 'drama' me or you? (i'm not insulted you first) maybe no one cannot to tell any notions? i asked (yes i have his skype, but i posted with phone here, when my pc was offline), steel answered, so what's problem for you? who you here? admin?? if you know more than he maybe yes? and if you have 'real life', so why you arguing here? and i stoping this stupid talk with you. next time i will ignore you, so you can and did not answer for me.
2014-01-22 13:52:47
Going to steel ass? Wtf you are noob :o . Do you think i wanna to play rhynn ? Im just a fan. I try to make a mmorpg alone , so im always on . I just try to learn database becouse now is singleplayer. Gysla you are noob ./. . Im 20 years old ) i have my own life.
2014-01-22 13:50:16
I realized
2014-01-22 13:45:28
The point,we always have CBT before OBT but our testers team can't find all bugs,because we can't test ALL conditions in game,but now it's much easier to me to finish final version of game
2014-01-22 13:35:33
normally, i mean with this that can be some bugs but why need to disable registration or log in if "testers" can not to test
2014-01-22 13:26:19
"like other developers" - i mean, the testers can be only a friends (3-5 peoples (zxd or some), like i helped to danis). now rhynn fans always craying why cannot to play the game (i can play just at evening 1-2hours, so i'm not total fan). so let to play normally or open the game only for 3-5 peoples (it's my notion, but it's your fault if do you not want this ). and asteroid, do not need to going into steel ass.. i did no see difference for money or no.. and it was only my notion. p.s asteroid do not nolaif here all time, because after month server can be offline really (like steel said, server bought for 1month)
2014-01-22 11:17:31
If you dont want to help it's your decide,i turn it on because do open beta it's easiest way to find bugs
2014-01-22 10:58:35
Steel its not like others :p .
2014-01-22 10:57:13
Noob: other developers doing this work for money x(. Steel dont have comercial intentions. You are so bored in life and u make there drama. Steel maybe he want to be payed have the honor to have a player like him ) . But )


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