This terms translated by google translate we do normal version later. Rules may change at any time, but ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, so regularly check this page. By creating an account through the website or game you agree to these rules and agree not to break them.

- Nick at registration must be entirely in English , and without numbers and other special characters .
- Do not check : nicknames sexually explicit neprilichnyx and abuses of conventional morality; nicknames type "Admin" and "Moderator"; workers consisting of a meaningless set of letters that can not utter
- Do not use the name of any contact information: phone numbers, web addresses , e-mail, ICQ , etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data ;
- Do not register more than one account per person. In identifying excess registrations accounts will be deleted without warning.

Creating a Theme

- Title of the topic should be as informative as possible .
- Take the time to create a theme . It is very likely that your question has been discussed previously . Use the search engine .
- Do not create new topics in multiple forums simultaneously.
- Do not create new topics with the name special characters , numbers, or a bunch of gibberish .
- Do not open and hidden roughness , rudeness , insults in the topic title .
- Do not create new topics that have very meaningful name , such as " Need help ! "
- Do not create new topics , addressed to a particular forum members.

Create a message :

Prohibited premises messages containing :
- Quotes racist , inciting ethnic hatred , fanning the situation and everything.
- Profanity as explicit and implicit , including with special characters .
- Gaga or incoherent or irrelevant information which bears no semantic meaning.
- Offtopic , ie avoiding substantive discussion in a separate topic .
- Knowingly lozhnyyu info.pmatsiyu .
- Frank advertising content
- A huge number of grammatical errors.

Also prohibited are mass mailing messages.

Reward System :

- If a forum member gave you good advice , which helped you in solving your problem should not be placed with the text "Thank you! You are super ! ", Then simply lift his reputation by pressing (+)

punishment :

- For non- forum rules there are punishments that are assigned by the Administration. The administration has the right to not warn the user of the measures taken .
- If a participant neglects these Rules , it blocked an account for a period of 5 minutes to 7 days .
- If the party systematically ignores the request of the Administration , his account deleted.

- Your personal details that are visible on the site ( all public comments and information posted by you ) available to third parties, and you agree that such third parties will be able to copy this information on their websites or in other places.
- Your personal data will be kept for the time it takes for you to use, or until our project is closed.
- To delete your data and deleting the account from the site , you need to contact the Administrator
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