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steel-team registered as a company in Lithuania
Added: 2016-01-21 23:15:42
Hello community! We are proud to say, that now our team is officially registered in Lithuania as a company MB "Stylo tymas". Our future plans: -port openrhynn to WP 10 Mobile (depends on project...
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Server started in test mode!
Added: 2015-11-30 22:21:03
Server now online in test mode, it should work a bit better, you can try it now. ПЕРЕВОД:
Server unavailable for some time
Added: 2015-11-30 19:39:33
Hello RHYNN players, today I want to say that we are working on small patch, that should improve DB stability, while we working on patch you can't login to our server. We will write when we done wo...
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Server upgrade
Added: 2015-05-08 18:49:50
We just upgraded server(added 1GB RAM,and 1 CPU core),now server should work much better
Google Play reupload
Added: 2015-05-07 22:13:02
Hello community! We just sumbitted new APK to google play,it's not only reupload,new APK contains some changes like: 1)normal scale for high resolutions(>=1600px in width) 2)partially fixed scre...
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Happy New Year
Added: 2014-12-31 19:31:21
OpenRhynn Team wishes all Happy New Year. A year has passed since we opened openrhynn servers, in honor of this we have decided to do a little update. Changes: -fixed respawn after death -add...
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Rhynn source code
Added: 2014-08-31 01:18:25
Hello community,as one of member noticed we must release game source are you go,it's OpenRhynn source code http://openrhynn.n...
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New game developement
Added: 2014-08-28 19:25:11
Hello OpenRhynn community,we are proud to announce that we are developing new mmorpg game,but we got some important question,which type of game distribution we should use? help us in this voting: ...
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Server update RC#4
Added: 2014-06-01 14:08:01
Today I released a new server update,this update come with some good fixes: -fixed firewall,bless,curse and morph scrolls -fixed PVP -exp drop fixed -item respawn fixed -peaceful areas fixed ...
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Server update released!
Added: 2014-05-25 12:24:00
Finally I decided to release a server update,currently server updated from ustable branch,so it's can contain some huge bugs. Now about changes: -a bit reworked protocol -mercenaries(available o...
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