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STeeL 2014-08-31 01:18:25
Hello community,as one of member noticed we must release game source code.here are you go,it's OpenRhynn source code http://openrhynn.net/sources/publ/client/client.zip But, before you start use this source i want to warn you:if you try to login to openrhynn server(my server) with custom binary(not provided by links in download section),even if binary build from source without modifications i will ban your account and ip permomently and forever.also,now,after reading license i am lost all motivation to work on this game,we with my team do the game completely free,payed for server and now i am noticed that i can't even use the content provided by marlowe("2. All sounds, images, sprites, logos, and similar media files included in the Source Code or Program are property of macrolutions Ltd. and can’t be used in a covered work or third-party software without Our clear permission; You may freely use the provided multimedia materials ONLY for personal, non-public and non-commercial use.").so if i get complain from author of this game i am completely close server and delete all source code from my hard drive(including server source code written by me). But don't worry,me and half of my team working on new game thats will be much better in 2.5D dimension with nice 3D graphics,and much more stable servers without huge bugs. Перевод: http://vk.com/openrhynn?w=wall-68044964_17
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